Driving Anyway is a platform to enable individuals to share rides in private vehicles.

Unfortunately, privacy and security are sometimes competing objectives. If everyone knows what car you are in and who the driver is (or who your passengers are), then your privacy is compromised, but your friends, family, and even well meaning strangers can look out for you and watch for your safe arrival.

There are features in the app that allow you to hide certain information from other parties during different phases of the ride arrangement process, however these features turn off the display of certain elements, without necessarily removing them from the communication between servers and the app. Thus, a hacker may be able to access your information even if you enable the hiding features.

Please do not enter any information into the app that you do not want shared. Your options for ensuring privacy include not entering your full real name, not entering your exact origin or destination, not using the chat feature, and not sharing your photos or driver’s license number. Some users will not share rides with people who do not wish to share such information. You accept that your ability to share rides might be limited if you do not enter information as a mechanism to protect your privacy.

If you are hiding anything from the police (e.g. if you are a bad person) then you shouldn’t use the Driving Anyway platform. We intend to (but don’t promise to) share relevant information with the police in the case of a missing person report or a stolen vehicle report, even if the police have yet to obtain a warrant. We maintain a record of trip requests and offers that we will analyze to improve the software and related services, but will make reasonable efforts to remove all personally identifying information before sharing this information with anyone outside of Driving Anyway, except in the case of sharing information with the police when supported by a missing person or stolen vehicle report.

You can choose to "Track Travel and Suggest Trips". This builds a history of your travel on your phone, however this history is never directly transmitted to anyone, including to Driving Anyway, without your explicit and separate consent. This history of travel is stored in a separate file in your phone, to ensure that it remains private, and is analyzed privately on your phone to suggest likely future trips. You can choose to share these suggested trips publicly, or in the groups you create or join. People may be able to deduce where you’ve been in the past based on these suggested trips, depending on your privacy settings, even though your tracked travel remains private.

Driving Anyway is an operating entity within T.J. Modelling Ltd. In the foregoing, reference to Driving Anyway as an entity refers to the legal entity T.J. Modelling Ltd.