Driving Anyway makes it easy to add ridesharing and carpooling to a Facebook Group that you create or administer.

There are three simple steps:

  1. Create a group in Driving Anyway
  2. Link it to your group in Facebook
  3. "Pin" the Driving Anyway post in your Facebook group, so that your group members can see the orange button to post trip offers or requests.

Step 1: Create a group in Driving Anyway

Create a group in Driving Anyway, and define its area geographically.

If you select "To/from (as well as within)" then draw a small circle area for your group, such as your neighbourhood, school, or workplace building.

Otherwise, go ahead and select a larger circle area. You can draw a more complex polygon (rather than a circle) later.
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Step 2: Link your Driving Anyway group to the Facebook Group that you administer

Now, select "Link to Facebook Group" from the menu, and select your Facebook Group in the popup menu.

If you haven’t yet logged into Facebook from inside Driving Anyway, you’ll be prompted to login and let Driving Anyway see what Facebook groups you have.
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Confirm the linkage. Then, be sure to select "Public" for Driving Anyway posts. Driving Anyway only posts into your groups for you. You need to control the visibility of the posts by controlling the group visibility in Facebook.
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Step 3: "Pin" the post in Facebook, so that your group members can see the orange button

Driving Anyway will post a link into the group.

You can edit the post to describe the integration, and it’s a good idea to "pin" the post in Facebook, so it stays at the top of the group.

The post is a web page describing the ridesharing in the group, with a big orange button that your group members can use to request or offer a ride.
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How Facebook group members use the Driving Anyway link and the orange button

When people press the big orange button, they will be prompted to install the app (if they don’t already have it).

After installing the app (or immediately, if they have the app) they will be asked if they want to post a ride offer or a ride request.
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After describing their trip’s origin, destination, and time, they Save their trip.

After searching for matching trips, Driving Anyway will post into your group on your behalf the link to a page describing the trip.
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The trip link describes the ride and provides some information about the group member who is driving or wants a ride. There is another big orange button that other members of your group can use to respond by offering or requesting their own ride.
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