Frequently Asked Questions


How does Driving Anyway work?

Download the app and enter your trip start/end locations and times. Press save. If there’s a match you can review the times, map, and info, chat to confirm details, and request or offer a ride.

Share a private link describing the trip with your social circle using any method you like. The link automatically expires when your trip is over. People can send you messages from the link, and can download the app and create a compatible trip from your link.

Sit back and let the computer inside your phones and on our servers do the work of searching for drivers or passengers.

I’d rather ride with people I know.

That’s normal. You can create a group for your friends, family, or others you know. Groups have map areas, so you can create a group for trips from your neighbourhood, or to your workplace. Even if you’re just text messaging the Driving Anyway links to your friends and family, it’s still easier than long winded phone calls or text messages. You can restrict a trip’s visibility so that only your groups can see it, and still generate a share link to send out.

Link your Driving Anyway group with a Facebook Group that you create or administer to add ridesharing to Facebook.

How do I know someone is real?

You can see their selfie, and check out their Facebook profile if they’ve chosen to share it. We also optionally confirm mailing addresses.

Auto Ridesharing

I don’t want to enter my destination every time I drive somewhere.

No problem! Turn on "Suggested Trips". Your phone will predict where you’re going to drive, and let you know if someone in your groups wants a ride. (iOS only for now, Android Suggested Trips is under development.) You can make your suggested trips discoverable by anyone, or just let your friends in relevant groups see them.


What are Driving Anyway Points?

Points automatically transfer from passengers to drivers when rides are accepted. You get 50 free points, and more are earned by registering information, e.g. confirming your address. Or, they can be purchased.

What if I don’t like Points?

You can ignore them. You can still request a ride if you are out of points, or offer a ride to someone who has no points.

What can drivers do with their Points?

Drivers can give away points to others if they become a passenger, or they can be redeemed for awesome gift cards and merchandise.

Can I give the driver money for gas?

Sure, we encourage it. You can discuss this in the chat or by text message before agreeing to a ride.

Many rides are given for free. We think drivers should be rewarded for the free trips they give away, so we invented Driving Anyway Points as a way to reward drivers without the awkwardness of having to talk about money during a great ride.

If you do accept cash as a driver, be careful that you don’t accidentally become a "Commercial Transport Operator" by making any profit, as the laws and insurance regarding commercial transport are very strict and are different in each municipality and province.


Is this like Uber?

Uber is commercial ridesharing, with drivers trying to make money. Driving Anyway is focused on non-commercial rides. Someone you’d like is probably driving that way anyway. Share the ride for fun or rewards.

I want to start a ridesharing business, can you help?

Probably, please contact us. The platform is flexible, but the emphasis of Driving Anyway will always be on filling empty seats on trips that would have occurred anyway. It’s part of our environmental and social agenda to more efficiently use fuel and roads while saving people money and connecting people socially. The public version of the Driving Anyway app available on the App Store and Google Play both prohibit commercial driving.

Is this like hitchhiking?

It supports something like hitchhiking, except for the standing at the side of the road in the rain part. And, the part about having to make a decision about whether a ride is safe in less than 60s. And the part about not being to arrange anything in advance. Some of the ways people use the Driving Anyway app are nothing at all like hitchhiking.

What about the Facebook groups and other platforms that I can use instead?

If you are an admin of a Facebook group you can directly integrate it with Driving Anyway. Others can easily post their trip links to Facebook. We’ve built a database of groups and other platforms, and Driving Anyway searches our database for suggestions when you press the "share" button. You can post your trips elsewhere by clicking on them and then pasting the Driving Anyway link, which will automatically expire after your trip is over.

Do you have ads?

We don’t have advertising. We just have the products that you can get for free as a reward for driving.